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Study Ranks the Most Hardworking Cities in America and Washington D.C is At the Top

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A study by WalletHub concluded that Washington DC is the top hardest working city in America. The study was made after surveying 116 most populated studies in America with 11 key metrics. Researchers talked about two main factors: Direct Work Factors and Indirect Work Factors. Direct Factors made 80% of the total score and had metrics like working hours per week, rate of employment and household shares. Indirect Work Factors included commute time, workers with multiple jobs and annual volunteer hours which made 20% of the total metrics. The whole study talks about work ethics of people in America and how people in some cities are more hard working than people in other citizens. America overall is a hard-working country with people working non-stop to make ends meet.

Coming in at the top with a total score of 76.97 was Washington D.C, followed by Irving with 76.39 total score. Cheyenne was third with a 76.15 score. All these cities were ranked the hardest working cities in the USA. There was such a minor difference between the scores of these cities but Washington D.C came at the top because 64% of the workers working there leave their vacation time unused. Workers in the city also work the third most hours per week and they are also willing to take long commutes to their work. 30% of the workers in Washington DC are also part of many volunteer groups.

Irving, Texas was the second hardest working city because it had the lowest share of households with no working adults, at just 11%. Irving is also known for the ninth city in America with highest working hours. This results in residents of Irving having less leisure time because all they do is work. Residents of Cheyenne have the third most work hours per week but the city also has the highest employment rate at 97%. It ranks at seven with 7% workers having multiple jobs and workers there having the third-lowest amount of time to enjoy their leisurely activities.

City Total Score
Washington, DC 76.97
Irving, TX 76.39
Cheyenne, WY 76.15
Virginia Beach, VA 75.79
Anchorage, AK 75.55
Norfolk, VA 75.27
Dallas, TX 75.21
San Francisco, CA 74.67
Denver, CO 73.93
Austin, TX 73.82
Sioux Falls, SD 73.56
Corpus Christi, TX 73.44
Plano, TX 72.84
Fort Worth, TX 72.14
Arlington, TX 72.12
Chesapeake, VA 71.85
Aurora, CO 71.68
Laredo, TX 70.98
Garland, TX 70.9
Nashville, TN 70.52
Manchester, NH 70.24
Omaha, NE 70
Raleigh, NC 69.92
Charlotte, NC 69.89
Chandler, AZ 69.74
Scottsdale, AZ 69.7
Houston, TX 69.24
Gilbert, AZ 68.75
Tampa, FL 68.55
Boston, MA 68.45
Fremont, CA 68.22
Seattle, WA 68.05
Atlanta, GA 67.86
Portland, ME 67.72
Colorado Springs, CO 67.43
Oklahoma City, OK 66.95
Indianapolis, IN 66.91
St. Petersburg, FL 66.78
Orlando, FL 66.71
Jacksonville, FL 66.42
Lubbock, TX $66
Baltimore, MD $66
San Antonio, TX 66.14
Salt Lake City, UT 66.02
Phoenix, AZ 65.9
Durham, NC 65.8
Fargo, ND 65.52
Little Rock, AR 65.32
Kansas City, MO 65.25
San Jose, CA 65.19
Miami, FL 64.91
Oakland, CA $65
Boise, ID 64.18
Portland, OR 64.17
El Paso, TX 64.13
Jersey City, NJ 63.89
Louisville, KY 63.82
Honolulu, HI $64
Tulsa, OK 63.57
Billings, MT 63.48
Minneapolis, MN $63
Des Moines, IA 62.75
Lexington-Fayette, KY $63
Wichita, KS 62.36
Glendale, AZ 62.34
Jackson, MS 62.11
San Diego, CA 61.95
Columbus, OH 61.94
Irvine, CA 61.62
Fort Wayne, IN 61.56
Hialeah, FL 61.44
Santa Ana, CA 61.29
Lincoln, NE 61.25
Mesa, AZ 61.13
Long Beach, CA 60.69
St. Louis, MO 60.65
St. Paul, MN 60.56
Anaheim, CA 60.49
Reno, NV 60.45
Los Angeles, CA 60.14
Chula Vista, CA 60.11
Winston-Salem, NC 59.59
Henderson, NV 59.19
Philadelphia, PA 58.52
Birmingham, AL 58.29
North Las Vegas, NV 58.14
Chicago, IL 57.71
Las Vegas, NV 57.28
Cincinnati, OH 57.23
Bakersfield, CA 56.29
Albuquerque, NM 56.16
Memphis, TN 55.91
Riverside, CA 55.36
New Orleans, LA 55.26
Greensboro, NC 55.08
Sacramento, CA 54.96
Wilmington, DE 54.6
Pittsburgh, PA 54.41
New York, NY 53.7
Baton Rouge, LA 53.43
Madison, WI 52.98
Milwaukee, WI 52.85
Charleston, WV 52.61
Stockton, CA 52.28
Tucson, AZ 51.94
Providence, RI 51.6
San Bernardino, CA 50.62
Columbia, SC 50.33
Cleveland, OH 50
Fresno, CA 48.86
Bridgeport, CT 48.31
Toledo, OH 47.5
Newark, NJ 43.19
Buffalo, NY 39.22
Detroit, MI 39.08
Burlington, VT 34.43

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