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New Chrome Feature, Video Chapters Mimics YouTube's Functionality, Aiding Navigation on Websites

According to a new post on Chrome’s status page , Google is going to add a new feature to its Chrome browser that will make videos break into ch…

More Delays Expected For The End Of Google’s Third-Party Cookies Across Chrome

Search engine giant Google is again opting to delay the end of its third-party cookies across the Chrome browser. The company seems to be falling…

A Detailed Guide for Disabling Google Chrome "Resume browsing" AKA "Journeys"

Have you noticed that irritating feature on Google Chrome called “Resume browsing” also known as “Journeys”? It basically allows you to resume your…

Google to Delete Chrome Incognito Mode Data After Lawsuit

Google has decided to remove a huge amount of data from it’s Chrome browser’s Incognito mode. This comes after a lawsuit in California. The lawsuit…
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