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YouTube Dominates Global Google Searches in 2024, Followed by Facebook, Weather, and Amazon

SimilarWeb analyzed its data to find out what are the most searched things on Google in 2024 so far. The top most searched thing on Google in 2024 …

YouTube Backtracks On Its Website Design Test After Overwhelming Criticism

Popular video-sharing app YouTube carried out a testing phase for its new website design. And sadly, it’s aborted that idea after receiving an over…

YouTube Issues ‘Zero Tolerance’ Behavior Against Ad-Blocking Apps Amid Crackdown

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube has confirmed today how it is carrying out a major crackdown against ad-blocking apps. The company is goin…

YouTube's New Updates Might Be a Game Changer for Live Streaming

Content creators often tend to live stream because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to connec…
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