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Smartphone Market Shuffle-Up, Android Predicted To Undergo Twice The Growth Of iOS in 2024

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The news about Samsung regaining its top position as the leader of the global smartphone market this year after Apple’s market share for iPhones dropped was an eye-opener for many.

And now, new estimates from leading market intelligence firm IDC are shedding light on how the global smartphone market just might see a major shuffleup for Android in 2024.

As per estimates, Android is predicted to witness growth that is nearly double that seen with iOS.

For a while now, we’ve seen iPhones reign supreme in the US for quite some time, establishing a strong influence among American buyers. However, tech giant Apple also says there’s been a major growth across its market for its phones that goes above and beyond just the United States of America.

This is what led to Android’s presence shrinking even though the OS continues to have a serious majority.

As per reports from the IDC, Android is all set to witness massive growth that’s much faster than what is witnessed by iOS for 2024.

While speaking to leading news broadcaster CNN, the IDC’s research director detailed more about how Android will grow at double the rate of iOS in 2024. As it is, the sales for Apple’s iPhones have gone down 10% during the first quarter of this year which allowed Samsung to inch forward and regain its crown of being the world’s biggest smartphone leader. And what’s even more interesting is how the company didn’t even have to worry about its decline in shipments.

However, Apple’s market share downfall arose mostly due to a rapid fall in sales across the Chinese market. Therefore, it’s quite a pivotal aspect to consider as Samsung has reached the top again. This time around, they’re expecting it to grow at double the pace as that seen with iOS.

Now let’s not forget how tech giant Apple continues to face strong pressure in the US as legal cases surmount more pressure by the DOJ in regards to fighting what it feels is going to be a serious monopoly that Apple held for so long, thanks to its iPhone rollout.

These types of cases cause serious issues with Apple’s practices regarding anticompetitive behavior that have been subject to massive criticism over time. This includes iMessage and the App Store, amongst so many others.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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