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Bitcoin Sets Records Around The World

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The financial world is abuzz with the latest news in Bitcoin. In multiple countries, Bitcoin is setting new all-time highs this month, and in Bitcoin’s largest market, the United States, Bitcoin just passed $70k USD, a new record. What does this mean? Is it too late for the average investor to take advantage of market conditions? Bitcoin University Founder explains where Bitcoin goes from here.

“Bitcoin has been the world’s highest returning investment since its inception, in 2009, returning hundreds, if not thousands of percent ROI a year,” says Evander Smart, Head Professor of Bitcoin University. “For 2023, Bitcoin has effectively rolled out a new feature, Wall Street adoption. After several years of roadblocks by the SEC, the world’s top investors, like Blackrock, Fidelity and Franklin Templeton are now allowed to offer a Bitcoin Spot ETF, and the value of Bitcoin in the financial markets has never been higher.”

Bitcoin had a great year in 2023, rising in value over 150%, passing $40k. Now, without even completing Q1 of 2023, Bitcoin has quickly hurdled $72k, which means Bitcoin is already up over 70%. Evander says this is only the beginning of Bitcoin’s price action, as he suspects Bitcoin has only begun to generate value for savvy investors, entering a Bitcoin ‘Supercycle.’

“The world has been waiting for this moment, where large-scale investors can enter the Bitcoin market, for years. There is so much pent-up demand that Bitcoin is beginning it’s “Supercycle” phase. What does this mean? Bitcoin is going to have a supply issue, as the largest investors absorbs much more Bitcoin than the protocol generates. So demand is at an all-time high, and supply is heading to all-time lows, as we speak.”

“We haven’t even mentioned the Bitcoin Halving event, coming next month, when the amount of Bitcoin mined drops from 900 a day to 450 a day. What this means is by the time Bitcoin normally sees a market correction, in 2026, there will be so few Bitcoin available, the price will keep rising, instead of falling. So no more massive dips, in accordance to the Halving cycle. Bitcoin’s price and market demand are expected to increase, for the foreseeable future.”

SOURCE Bitcoin University
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