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Did you know Research shows that Apple’s iPhone 12 has secured its spot for being the best selling model for the 1st quarter of 2021

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Did you know Research shows that Apple’s iPhone 12 has secured its spot for being the best selling model for the 1st quarter of 2021

Its been 7 months, since Apple launched its iPhone 12 on 23rd October 2020, and since this day, Apple has secured the top 3 positions along with the 4th one as well when it comes to sharing revenue. The tech giant successfully managed to hold its positions in the first quadrant of 2021 as well.

According to the data shared by technology market research firm, Counterpoint, it revealed that the latest iPhone 12 family showed its dominancy on the entire mobile market based on two different categories.

On the basis of revenue share, the first 3 spots were taken by iPhone 12 while the previous leading product, iPhone 11 was at number 4. With iPhone 12 Pro Max leading the chart with 12 percent, ahead of iPhone 12 with 11% and iPhone 12 Pro with 9 percent. The last family member of iPhone 12, the mini variant was on number 6 with 2% .

As explained by the research firm, the user preference changed from region to region. In United States, users were more attracted towards buying the higher variants such as iPhone 12 Pro Max, which also became the best selling model for US. While iPhone was topping the charts, Samsung’s S21 Ultra 5G also managed to sold more than its lower variants in Europe and US. In comparison to S20 family, the S21 series was released with a lower price and got it self supported by strong carrier promotions. These were the standings secured by iPhone 12 on the basis of revenue share.

While talking about the volume share , again the first four positions were taken by iPhone however the arrangement of the family was different, unlike for Samsung which went down to 7th position with its Samsung Galaxy A12 with 1% while iPhone 12 topping the bar chart with 5% followed by the Pro Max variant of same family with 4% and iPhone 12 Pro with 3% . However for iPhone 11, it kept its position locked at 4th number.

The first quarter wasn’t just dominated by Apple, instead it also featured mid range devices such as Redmi 9A and Redmi 9 , Redmi 9A showed a strong performance in India and China meanwhile the Redmi 9 topped in South East Asia for being the best affordable android device. This lead Xiaomi to hold its pole position in global market with a price band of $150. That’s how the company managed to get a 19% share as revealed by Counterpoint.

Out of the top ten revenue sharing mobile models, 8 of them were hosting 5G capabilities . Meanwhile for the top ten in volume share, just 3 brands were dominating, these were Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung respectively.

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