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Did you know New report shows Facebook saw a drop of 30% in its downloads as compared to the prior year, due to privacy concerns and the increase in the growth of TikTok

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Did you know New report shows Facebook saw a drop of 30% in its downloads as compared to the prior year, due to privacy concerns and the increase in the growth of TikTok

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platform in the world with more than 2.8 billion active users monthly, but Facebook is struggling so much after Apple has changed its privacy policies in the latest update of iOS 14.5 in which the advertisers have to take permission from the users to track their data. This is adversely affecting the business of Facebook as the company is trying very hard to convince its users to allow tracking. The report said a few days ago that only 15% of people across the world enabled the tracking option and only 6% in American opt-in tracking. However, this is not the only thing that is affecting the business of Facebook, AppFigures has recently shared data that shows Facebook has seen a drop of 30% in its downloads both on Google Play and App Store as compared to the prior year.

Last year, the downloads of the Facebook mobile app was an average of 15 million per week but this year, the downloads of this app could not even cross 11 million both on App Store and Google Play, which could be worrying for the company. Facebook was also going through difficult situations as there were some major allegations on the company that the data of more than 533 million were exposed online last year which includes their username, ID, passwords, etc. The downfall in the downloads of Facebook was started in the month of June 2020, when Apple Company announced major privacy changes in its update of iOS 14.

TikTok is also getting huge popularity around the world especially during the quarantine situation as this platform can become the biggest rival of Facebook because it is assumed that this platform will have more than a billion active users around the world. AppFigures has highlighted that Facebook saw some falls in its downloads before, but this is the very first time that the number in the downloads of the app have significantly dropped for more than a year. Facebook has not disclosed the reasons for a significant downfall in its downloads but according to the analysis of experts, TikTok is a huge threat for Facebook as the number of downloads of TikTok is increasing significantly, therefore, the number of users are migrating to TikTok. TikTok was the most downloaded app both on Google Play and App Store with a download of 52 million in the month of April 2021.

If we make a comparison of both apps just on iOS in the prior month, the downloads of TikTok was 15.9 million while Facebook saw a download of only 9.9 million. Facebook is trying to provoke people to enable the tracking option if they want to use Facebook and Instagram free of cost, and it is also compelling its users to accept the new policies of privacy in WhatsApp.

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