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Did you know How The Camera Roll Grids Have Changed Past 2019, With the Occurrence of the Pandemic?

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Did you know How The Camera Roll Grids Have Changed Past 2019, With the Occurrence of the Pandemic?

If you scroll through your camera roll all the way before 2020, you will see a grid full of selfies and pictures with your friends and families and all the memories you made during those moments. When the same pictures are coming back to you as a “memories” or “a look back on this day” features it might sting a little considering how life has changed now.

2020 was the year a global pandemic hit the mother earth and life has not been the same since then. A lot of things have changed from the life style people had and to even the tiniest thing as a handshake. Backlight realized that one thing that also has changed is the pictures people take. How so?

Well, Backlight surveyed users of its Gemini photo app and realized that the photos people take have also changed in the post pandemic world. Previously, when the photo gallery was filled with family, friends, you and all the small and big adventures you had and the memories you made, the backlight realized that their pictures that were taken the most of in the times of pandemic was of the activity which was the most acquired initially in the days.

As soon as the lockdown was imposed everyone got confided to the walls of their homes and with nowhere to go out, there was only a limited time they could spend on social media for entertainment and only enough movies to watch before they got bored. Hence, a lot of people decided to unleash their inner master chef.

Almost 68 percent of the survey results according to Backlight showed that the most pictures were taken of food that people made at home themselves and captured it to share with their friends and family to show them their creativity and skills. It was a definite sign of more time at home and cooking being a common comfort.

Apart from just seeking comfort in food and cooking, another thing which was a means of comfort for people was looking back at the old pictures people had captured prior to the pandemic when they went out. Gemini Photos said that 38% found themselves looking at old photos daily, and 52% did it weekly.

In the middle of pandemic with nowhere to go out the most worn outfits were definitely PJs and that was the comfort in which people spent their entire days. Since anybody barely got ready, the art of selfie taking reduced by 18 percent.

The pandemic has changed a lot in the ways we were used to living and we sincerely hope that this ends soon and all of us go back to enjoying the moments and making memories with the people we love and may be never take a handshake or a hug from a dear one for granted again.


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