Hire Me!

Hire Me!

Do you want me to write for your website? Now, you can hire me! I am ready to provide you with high-grade original articles with affordable price.

You can see the quality of my writings through all the published articles within this blog.  As you can see, my articles are original, unique, easy-to-read, and provide valuable information for the visitors. Some of them even capable of achieving top 10 positions on Google Search result.

I am also capable of  writing articles based on SEO principles. My aim is to supply you with user-friendly content that can also be optimized for search engine.

It is not easy to create an engaging articles but I can do it for you! Does AdSense keep rejecting your submissions because of low value content? Then, hire me!

The Pricing Plan!

  • $7 per article - up to 1000 words
  • $5 per article - up to 800 words
  • $3 per article - up to 500 words

The fee above is very negotiable. Do not be shy to negotiate with me and provide me with your counter pricing plan! The fee can also change depending on the difficulty of the topic, it can be more expensive or cheaper!

All of the articles will be written by me personally! So, currently I only accept maximum 10 articles per project. If you are satisfied with our first project, you may hire me again. I can deliver 1 to 5 articles per day depending on the length.

The Type of Services That I can Provide

I can create articles with wide variety of topics. My expertise is blogging and educational topics. I also have experience in copy writing, reviews, subtle promotions and many more.

I am also capable of writing in many style. Most of my successful articles are written in semi-personal style that will guide the readers in friendly manner. I am also familiar with scientific and news style.

I can write in various platforms including Blogger, WordPress, and Google Docs. If it is required, I can operate YoastSEO and use Grammarly.

In any case, please specify your requirement in detail and I will provide you with articles that will match your instruction.

If you are not satisfied with the articles I have provided, you can ask me to revise until you are satisfied. No additional fee required.

I do not provide keyword researching service. You provide the keyword or the title and I shall develop it into the best articles!

The articles that I write will not include images. 

How to Hire Me

Contact me first via my email at buildyourwebs@gmail.com or . We can talk about the detail first and negotiate freely. 

The payment will be made right before I send you the article. However, you can pay me after the project is finished depending on how credible you are. I encourage you to cultivate trust, this way we can be more flexible in the next projects!

You can pay me via PayPal for foreigner clients or Bank  .

If you would like to hire me, then please keep in mind that I also maintain a set of personal standard. Do not hire me if you want to promote gambling, scam, nudity, questionable financial schemes, hateful content, and other illicit topics. I only accept topics that does not violate Indonesian and International Law.