About Me

About Me

Mohamed Elarby is a cupbord.com personal blog owned by Mohamed Elarby. The blog went online for the first time on September 1th, 2012. The name of the blog is derived from the owner's name. cupbord.com serves wide variety of topics including: technology, blogging tips, poetry, reviews, traveling, and personal experiences.

I started this blog because I love writing. Even though I'm not very good at it, writing is my favorite activity to past the time. It's like piecing together a fun puzzle;  choosing the right words to convey my thoughts properly.

Blogging has helped me getting through tough times. Talking about depressing stuffs directly is something that I am also not very good at. However, I can convey my feelings more comfortably through writings. It helps me to alleviate stress.

My academic background is in Business management but I am interested in wide variety of things. I write about  stuffs which I encountered in my daily life, childhood memories, cheesy poetry and random personal drivels. I also write about blogging tips, technology in general, literature reviews, and movie recommendations. My writings are far from the best, but I hope that I can get better overtime.

At first, I thought that only people who had nothing better to do would visit this blog. Recently, however, I found out that some people did actually find this blog to be useful. I am glad that my writings could serve you well.

Updated on Mar 17th, 2023.

Best regards,

Mohamed Elarby