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YouTube Dominates Global Google Searches in 2024, Followed by Facebook, Weather, and Amazon

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SimilarWeb analyzed its data to find out what are the most searched things on Google in 2024 so far. The top most searched thing on Google in 2024 is YouTube with 99.60% organic traffic and 336,261,050 average monthly search volume (AMSV). Facebook (229,238,150 AMSV) was in the second spot, followed by Weather (147.67 million AMSV) and Amazon (147.13 million AMSV). Amazon only had 64.65% organic traffic with 35.35% paid traffic. Instagram (101.8 million AMSV) is among the top 10 most searched thing on Google in 2024 so far, while 9th place is taken up by WhatsApp Web with 101.8 million average monthly search volume. Other things that made it to the top 20 of most searched queries on Google in 2024 were Google Translate, NBA, ChatGPT, X/Twitter and Google Maps.

Google Searches (Worldwide), Excluding Unsafe Sites Average Monthly Search Volume
youtube 336.26 M
facebook 229.24 M
weather 147.67 M
amazon 147.14 M
translate 128.81 M
gmail 109.15 M
instagram 101.88 M
whatsapp web 100.71 M
google translate 94.62 M
nba 94.17 M
traductor 87.04 M
chatgpt 87.00 M
twitter 85.95 M
google 72.46 M
premier league 61.05 M
google maps 57.83 M
ipl 56.63 M
chat gpt 51.54 M
wordle 49.91 M
serie a 49.59 M

In the USA, ‘weather’ (83,560,180 AMSV) was the most searched thing while YouTube came in second spot with 71,303,520 AMSV. Amazon was the third most searched thing on Google in 2024 in the USA with 70.35% paid traffic. NBA, Wordle, Gmail, NFL and Walmart also made it to the top 10 list of most searched terms on Google in the USA. ChatGPT was the 13th most searched thing in the USA with 99.97% organic traffic. Twitter, eBay and Home Depot were also in the top 20 list of most searched things on Google in 2024.

Weather, with 18,657,900 AMSV, was the most searched thing on Google in the UK too in 2024 so far. BBC News, YouTube and Facebook were the second, third and fourth most searched topics on Google in the UK respectively. The sixth most searched thing on Google in the UK in 2024 was Amazon with 64.35% organic traffic. Gmail and Premier League were in seventh and eighth spot while Amazon UK and Wordle were in ninth and tenth spot. Other words in the top 20 most searched things on Google in the UK were Daily Mail, Hotmail and Translate. Twitter was the 15th most searched thing on Google in the UK. Arsenal was the 20th most searched thing in the UK on Google.

These search behaviors show that even though YouTube was the most searched keyword on Google worldwide, Google itself got the most traffic. 41% of the top 100 searches on Google were navigational, 13% were informational while 40% were of mixed intent.

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