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The Power of Influencers Unraveled: How Much Do They Charge And What Role Does AI Have In Persuading Consumers

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The power of influencers in today’s world of social media cannot be denied.

Very rarely do you not come across a certain product or service that was first promoted by an influencer online. And that just goes to show how impactful of a role these individuals have on the minds of followers.

Thanks to a new report by Sprout Social, we’re getting more insights on this front where close to 2000 different people around the US and UK were given a survey to fill out regarding influencer marketing.

As per the stats revealed online, close to 49% of all people taking part in this survey revealed how buying a certain good or service was only because they had seen someone else promote it. This influencer is someone they’ve been following for a while now and hence was deemed to be a famous or known name in the world of creating content online.

We saw such reports also speak about how much influencers were earning on average for posts that were sponsored by other brands. And on average, it was close to $250 per post. Other insights gathered included what sorts of opinions people had about AI influencers. After all, Generative AI reigns supreme everywhere.

Sprout Social mentioned how having or developing trust in influencers is certainly trending and the matter is more serious with the younger lot than anyone else. So the Gen Z or millennial age group are the ones to benefit the most by such matters including discount codes or a product promoted several times online.

Research has really made it so clear how influencers aren’t viable but important people when you wish to gather trust from consumers. It’s priceless to win someone’s trust and for brands to do something like this where competition is at its peak in the market, you’re bound to have countless customers purchasing goods. And what more can a brand want than more sales and revenue, right?

This particular study had respondents having social media accounts and following a wide array of brands online. Three hundred members were said to be influencers in this study and each would have a fanbase of 10k followers at least.

They were earning close to 50% of yearly income from deals where brands were paying them to promote. And more takeaways from the report are discussed for your understanding below.

The data revealed how 89% of those giving out responses mentioned purchasing decisions getting impacted by creators in the last year. On average, more than 75% of those taking part in a product or service purchase had to do with posts made by influencers.

The purchasing decision was influenced by creators in the last year. And 80% of those who took part in the survey could buy it from places that were a collaboration with the respective influencer. Most such offerings were commonly seen on apps like Instagram or TikTok with the TikTok Shop being the most famous one of the lot.

Other stats proved that 69% of all influencers were charging a minimum amount of $250 to publish content linked to their brand. And that’s the fee for a single post online.

The rates for influencers’ brand deals depended more on several things like engagement, niche, post type, and even if they had some kind of representation or not.

But $350 per post was the bare minimum. Some were charging between $251 to $1000 per post online. While others had fees that were doubled, depending on how famous of a fan following they had today.

Meanwhile, most respondents were keenly interested in brands using AI influencers. 37% said they would trust them more while a similar amount of people claimed to distrust them for that reason.

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