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Survey: Google Smartphone Users Least Loyal, Apple Users Most Loyal to Brand

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According to Statista Consumer Insight, Google is facing a big challenge in keeping its smartphone users loyal. When in a survey, Google smartphone users were asked if they would change their phone if given the chance, most said it was likely or very likely. Pixel 8a, Google’s latest smartphone model has been released and it has many outstanding qualities like its AI-powered software and other features that are enough to win customers over, it seems like Google has a problem. 57% of the people surveyed in the USA said that they will switch to another brand from their Google smartphone if they get a chance. Only 25% showed their loyalty to Google smartphones and said that is very unlikely that they will switch to another smartphone.

Thoughts of users switching smartphones are quite the opposite for Apple. When Apple users were asked if they would switch from Apple to another company, 50% of its users said that this is unlikely or very unlikely for them. This proves that Apple customers are quite loyal and won’t switch to another smartphone just because they feel like it. Only 34% of the Apple users said that it is very likely that they will switch to another smartphone if given the chance.

Even though Samsung users showed less loyalty with their smartphones as compared to Apple users, 44% of them said that it is very unlikely that they will switch to another smartphone while 34% said that it is very likely for them to switch to another smartphone from Samsung soon. So, this shows that users will think less before switching from Google smartphone to another smartphone but Apple users are the most loyal to their smartphones.

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