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Snapchat’s Latest Environmental Initiative Helps Advertisers Realize Carbon Footprints of Ads

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Snapchat appears to be on a mission to raise awareness on matters like how to be more environmentally friendly.

The Go Green mission is currently targeting the platform’s own advertisers by making them understand the carbon footprints linked to ads rolled out on the platform.

Who knew digital ads could impact the environment, right? Well, the truth is that it can and they are wreaking havoc as no one is talking about the matter as the race to make revenue continues.

But thanks to the efforts of tech giants like Snapchat, users will now be given the chance to make conscious decisions regarding such ordeals as Snap vows to be more conscious and transparent on this front.

Remember, sustainability has always been a top priority for Snap and that’s why we’ve seen it collaborate with apps like Scope3 that will give rise to new offerings with various measurements for different campaigns. This is all based on features such as server load that rolls out and hosts ads.

Similarly, it has to do with using mobile phones for viewing purposes and what fraction of company emissions contribute to pollution, amongst so many others.

As proven by the company through a recent example, Scope3 sheds light on the complete impact of carbon on an entity which can break down elements to separate processes that form the basis for this kind of offering.

The collaboration of this app with Scope3 seems to be the first one of its kind because very rarely if ever do we hear about messaging apps contributing facts to the emission model rolled out by Scope3.

This kind of collaboration would give rise to how accurate the platform is in regards to texting and social purposes but it’s designed using sources from third parties. Such efforts enhance the industry’s comprehension of what sort of impact it can have on carbon emissions by rolling out different ads.

So now the real question is related to what role digital ads have in today’s time? As mentioned by Snap, ads seen on different platforms account for millions of carbon emissions each year throughout leading markets in the US, UK, France, Denmark, and AU.

While the stats for Snapchat ads are better than most others, it cannot be denied. Surprisingly, it’s the best in terms of carbon efficiency when compared to arch-rivals. To be more specific, it’s 39% better than the rest.

There are plenty of programmed ads where Snap stands at 60% in regards to being efficient.

And through such initiatives, the app hopes to give rise to specific data on this front for more transparency like advertising formats used that could contribute to a clearer picture.

In case you didn’t know, some formats are better than others as they are low in carbon content. Examples include Lenses which are so light and super efficient.

Today, experts speak about AR being a more suitable mode for advertising formats as it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. We cannot say the same for others like VR as the process used to produce headsets that favor such systems is not great in terms of carbon emissions.

But we did find such facts very interesting for obvious reasons so that more tech giants can lean toward AR due to its healthy role in the environment.

We do find such news and studies interesting and very important in today’s age where big firms are racing ahead of time to achieve success without realizing how their decisions can impact the world we live in today. And for a greener and brighter future, the right steps must be taken which Snap is already doing.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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