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Should You Get Your iPhone Repaired from an Unofficial Store or an Official Apple Repair Shop?

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Mrwhosetheboss (Arun Rupesh Maini) uploaded a video on YouTube where he destroyed the back and screen of three brand new iPhone 15s at the same place in the same way. He then brought each pair to a different iPhone repairer. He gave the first iPhone to the local repairer who was charging the minimum cost and the second iPhone to the repairer who was charging the fair price. The third iPhone 15 went straight to Apple authorized store for repairing. The purpose of this experiment was to see who repairs the iPhone the cheapest and who does it the best.

He chose a repairer who was repairing the screen for £180 and £75 for the back cover as the lowest cost. He gave one phone to a repair shop who was authorized by Apple to repair iPhones. The cost of the repair was £300 for the screen and £150 for the back. Apple’s official repair shop quoted a total price of £399 for screen as well as back repair.

Image: PR MEDIA/Unsplash

After going to the official Apple repair shop, Maini found out that the total cost of repair for iPhone’s screen and back is £468 and repair time is 3 working days. iPhone’s 15 repair is cheaper than other iPhone models because Apple has started using a new design module for its new Apple phones that allow an easy repair. When you get your iPhone repaired from an official Apple repair store, you get a message on your iPhone telling you that the iPhone has a genuine Apple display.

The results of the repair came out and the iPhone which got repaired from an official store was definitely repaired best in terms of finishing quality with the original parts. But the downside of this was that you need to get an appointment for the repair first and have to wait a few days for the iPhone to get repaired. A user commented that “The funny part isn’t that it’s ridiculously easy to break, but the company’s who make them do everything to make them as hard to fix as possible”. Mrwhosetheboss spent 7 days for the iPhone to get repaired from the official repair shop in £468. The middle option for the iPhone did not go as planned. The repairers couldn’t find the iPhone 15 parts and the Tech YouTuber had to get it back as it was. Even with the repair, you could most likely get the message that the iPhone parts aren’t genuine and there was no warranty after that.

The cheapest option for the iPhone repair costed £255 and the repair time was just one day. The iPhone’s back was glued and the screen also had some cracks and the overall display wasn’t smooth. This repair option is suitable for people who don’t want to give £400 for the repair. But the best option for iPhone repair is Apple’s official repair store.

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