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Reddit Rolls Out New Content Policy To Protect Users’ Privacy

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Reddit is launching its latest policy that’s designed to balance the need for content licensing to big organizations like Google while also ensuring user privacy remains a priority.

The popular social media app says the policy dubbed Public Content will now become an integral component of its already existing set of rules that explain in detail how users’ data is accessed through the platform. In the same way, it displays how commercial giants dedicate researchers to working alongside the app’s data.

The news comes a little while after we saw the firm enter the stock market for the first time, and that means great things are happening as it positions itself to enhance revenue through not only means such as ads but also through using APIs rolled out by developers and data provided.

In its latest earnings report, it shed light on making a staggering revenue of $203 million via agreements that enabled data licensing and therefore it would expect the figure to rise with time.

While the company has yet to block access to data for the sake of AI training, it did change that course in 2023. The firm’s CEO added how it did not seem sensible to have the platform give most of its value to companies without an additional cost attached so that was very clear how moves were being made to enable data licensing.

Now that we know more about such efforts coming into play, the latest policy is sure to lock access to data from the app without any agreement ensuing. For now, the app is not putting forward restrictions but hopes to publicize the policy in place for a while.

Reddit mentioned through one of its own blogs how they are said to see people getting free access to its data in bulk such as those available on the public front. Seeing that arise is not fun and it finds it so unfair that there’s no limit to the amount of data that’s getting collected or extracted, despite knowing people’s privacy is being inflicted.

This is why the company is working hard to bring such policies in place that block bad actors, threats, and more from scaling content online for free. At the same time, ensuring the right stakeholders like researchers and users as well as moderators have access is another point worth mentioning.

So that clearly means that getting access to the app’s data for the likes of research and non-commercial matters is going to continue. However, entities needing to use the app’s data for a list of other reasons will no longer be allowed like training of AI models using Reddit data.

In such cases, you would need to pay as all rights belong to the company solely and if any stakeholder such as a business wants to market products with Reddit data, they can with additional strings attached.

Furthermore, if users don’t want AI engines in the future to include content like personal posts, they will be given the chance to opt-out and their wishes must be respected.

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