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Propertybase Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

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Propertybase is an online platform for real estate agents, brokers, and teams—offering a complete suite of tools encompassing client relationship management (CRM), lead generation, marketing, web design, and back-office management. It is best for real estate professionals looking to increase productivity and turn leads into lifelong clients. Propertybase reviews state that lead routing automation and the all-in-one platform were revolutionary for their business. Read my Propertybase review to see if it fits your real estate business needs.

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  • All-in-one platform for real estate website, contact database, lead management, and transaction management
  • Multiple listing service (MLS) integration allows agents to manage listings and automate email and drip campaigns
  • Built-in marketing design tools for print media, email marketing, and a customizable website


  • Steep learning curve for the Salesforce Edition
  • Expensive for those with a small budget or just getting started
  • Minimal customization options for the dashboard and pipelines

Who Propertybase is Recommended for:

  • Real estate brokerages seeking a comprehensive CRM platform with full-service lead generation features
  • Real estate brokerages and office managers looking for built-in back-office administrative tools
  • Real estate professionals and large brokerages looking for a commercial real estate CRM

Who Propertybase is Not Recommended for:

  • Organizations outside of the real estate industry that need a general-purpose CRM
  • Startups and small brokerages with limited budgets that prefer using a free CRM
  • Users who want greater customization within some features where it’s lacking

  • Propertybase Go: Starting at $399
  • Propertybase Salesforce Edition: Starts at $799

Propertybase Reviews: What Users Think

The most recent positive Propertybase reviews show that many brokerages are satisfied with its scalability. The lead generation capabilities and centralized platform for front-end and back-end operations are highly regarded features, allowing brokers, teams, and real estate agents to manage everything in one place instead of using several different apps.

As of this writing, it has earned the following customer ratings based on Propertybase reviews on popular review sites:

Some of the negative Propertybase reviews online report that the software has a steep learning curve, especially in the Propertybase Salesforce Edition. Others are unhappy with the quality of its customer service and slow response. Long wait times for support requests and minimal effort to provide clear answers to their queries are also chief complaints. If you’re looking for a highly rated CRM for its ease of use, consider Freshsales, which has a free plan and three paid tiers.

Why Would You Trust Us & Would We Use Propertybase?

My team and I have dedicated substantial time to thoroughly researching and testing many lead generation websites tailored for agents and brokers. By meticulously evaluating each platform’s features and pricing, I guarantee that our recommendations for the top lead generation website will align perfectly with your business needs.

Propertybase’s standout feature is the website builder. This tool integrates seamlessly with hundreds of third-party websites to promote listings and enhance marketing capabilities. Agents in your office can effortlessly create custom websites using the builder’s drag-and-drop interface, selecting from various themes and designs. Also, I appreciate the optional services available for platform administration and marketing. These services free up time, allowing agents to concentrate on their clients, although they come at an additional cost.

One drawback we’ve noticed is the lack of transparent pricing. This ambiguity likely stems from the customization of features per user, which can lead to wasted time if a demo reveals that the pricing is beyond budget. Additionally, the Propertybase website could be improved by clarifying which core features are included and which require extra payment. If you want a free real estate CRM that grows with your business and is user-friendly, check out Freshsales.

Propertybase Alternatives

Propertybase provides valuable tools for agents, yet there are alternatives worth exploring to discover the optimal solution tailored to your specific business requirements.

So, how much does Propertybase cost? Propertybase pricing depends on which package you buy and any additional features you want to include. Users report Propertybase cost to be on the high end. It’s a better fit for brokerages and small offices that want a platform to manage administrative tasks and promote their agents and teams. It’s not the best option for new real estate agents starting with lower budgets.

For more information about these two plans and add-ons, click on the tabs below:

Propertybase GO introduces practical automation features that allow teams to work more in the field and less at their desks. This straightforward package ensures quick software setup and adoption. In addition to its CRM and website builder, Propertybase GO enhances listing visibility with tools like mass emails, social media ads, and drip campaigns. The CRM also automates key sales, marketing, and contact management tasks.

GO Edition Pricing: Starting at $399

  • The monthly pricing is for up to five user licenses within a 12-month contract
  • Access to one broker website, integration to all MLS systems, lead and contact management, social and display ads, and Cloud CMA.

The Propertybase Salesforce Edition adds a sophisticated analytics dashboard that is more intensive than the Propertybase GO version. It also has much more advanced reporting and workflow capabilities, offers support for international operations, and includes a native mobile app.

Salesforce Edition Pricing: Starting at $799

  • This pricing is for up to ten user licenses with a 12-month contract
  • Customized dashboards, automated workflows, listing management, and managed data collection.
  • Mobile app, call logging, and language and currency customization.

Propertybase offers hands-on services that can be purchased separately, such as digital marketing services to help set up Google Analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), content development, and social media optimization. It also offers a CRM with platform services for Propertybase Salesforce Edition to help establish the platform. Premium brokerage and agent websites are also add-ons that brokerages can purchase to customize their site and provide banded websites for their agents and teams.

Here’s a look at some of these additional services:

General Propertybase Features

  • Contact management
  • Create and manage companies
  • Send emails with QuickSend
  • Inquiry management
  • Listing management
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards

Each Propertybase product has features such as custom brokerage websites, drip campaigns, and social ad listing boosts. Propertybase Salesforce Edition includes leaderboards showing the names and current scores of agents’ sales, a customized dashboard, missed leads notifications, a mobile app, and commission summaries.

Additional Propertybase Features

Propertybase has a vast amount of features to assist agents, teams, and brokerages in organizing their leads, marketing, and transactions. Expand the tabs below to read through each key feature of Propertybase CRM:

Contact Management

  • Easily enter and categorize new contacts
  • Manage contacts without creating duplicates
  • Set up companies and individual details

Propertybase’s contact management feature allows you to enter and categorize new contacts quickly. It intuitively checks for duplicate entries to keep your CRM database clean. If you have stale leads, you can categorize them under that tab, so you don’t lose them and can follow up in the future.

You can enter two contact types: individual or company, allowing agents to segment their audiences to target specific people with their email campaigns. Its lead automation feature captures leads across online sources and automatically has them appear in your account, saving time scouting for new leads.

Create & Manage Companies

  • Add companies you do business with
  • Associate contacts by company records
  • Easily find services and partner companies

With the Propertybase company creation and management feature, you can track and keep records of the companies with which you do business. These services may include property inspectors, appraisers, title companies, and company leads and customers. With just a few clicks, this feature lets you quickly find the information you need, saving you time searching online or sifting through a Rolodex for contact information. It also generates reports so that you can keep track of past business.

Screenshot of creating and managing companies (Source: Propertybase)

QuickSend Email

  • Send personalized emails for up to 20 recipients
  • Opt-out consideration
  • Automate carbon copy field
  • Search and send to all or some companies or households
  • Import email templates

Propertybase QuickSend is designed for real estate professionals to send emails and reply to contacts, receive and send emails related to closings, and send listing inquiries and offers. The feature allows you to send emails to up to 20 recipients at the same time, including each recipient’s first name for a personalized touch.

The opt-out consideration informs you of recipients who have previously opted out, so you don’t send what might be considered spam. It provides templates to choose how you want emails to look and feel to recipients. Use the email feature on any device to communicate while on the road.

Inquiry Management

  • Capture all property information that customers are looking for
  • Add custom fields to expand search criteria
  • Match inquiries with listings

The inquiry management feature provided by Propertybase captures all the information regarding what types of properties your customers are searching for, including details of the property and their price range. You can also create custom fields to expand your customer’s search criteria.

It includes a feature that matches inquiries with listings so agents can send the related properties to customers and print listing PDFs for each property. These features provide your buyers with customized service, saving you time looking for the listings they want instead of showing them everything.

Listing Management

  • Automatically export listings to your website and real estate portals
  • Use customer inquiry data to match buyers with listings
  • Differentiate for rent and for sale listings

The Propertybase listing management features save time managing inventory. The platform gives you the tools to automatically export listings to your personally branded website and the real estate portals you use. Propertybase also creates property records of listings for rent and sale.

Listing information on mobile and desktop (Source: Propertybase)

These provide different layouts and fields dedicated to property type, so your site visitors can easily find properties for rent or sale. It syncs existing property data with listings you’re inputting, so you don’t have to type all the property data each time.


  • Gain valuable insights about your business
  • Visualization to make the report simple to read
  • Subscribe to the report to receive regular email updates
  • Unlimited report creation

Propertybase reports help you keep track and gain valuable insights about your business, like knowing who you need to call and follow up with today and how quickly to respond to new leads. It offers premade reports and also generates custom reports. Private reports hide sensitive information that is accessible only to you. Public reports allow you to share information seamlessly with others.


  • Extends the functionality of your reports
  • View and organize multiple reports at the same time
  • Clone dashboards to maintain existing reports

Dashboards enhance efficiency by enabling the simultaneous viewing and organization of various reports. You can personalize your dashboards with unique themes for easy identification and replication and clone existing dashboards to use the same reports under different themes. These themes help categorize and locate needed information effortlessly, tracking metrics like sales, inventory, users, transactions, and lead sources.

Moreover, dashboards support confidentiality by allowing the creation of folders with specific access permissions to keep sensitive information and other reports secure. Adding a report is straightforward: click the “component” button to open a new screen displaying a list of available reports, select the desired report, and click “add” to place it in the current dashboard. This streamlined process ensures the report is efficiently integrated into the dashboard.

Ease of Use for Propertybase

Propertybase offers an intuitive and uncluttered interface that makes it easy for intermediate-level users to navigate. Its GO edition comes with out-of-the-box features that users can quickly learn. However, its Salesforce Edition has a steep learning curve because of its high customization capabilities, which require a technical administrator.

How We Evaluated Propertybase

The top real estate lead generation websites offer tools and features that agents and brokerages can use to generate and convert more leads to clients. These include marketing automation and outsourcing, Facebook and Google ads, and IDX websites. Here is a breakdown of the criteria I used to assess the best lead generation websites for realtors including Propertybase:

  • General Features
    • General features include components essential in a lead generation website, such as a client relationship management (CRM) tool, reporting and analytics, IDX website, and lead sorting to guarantee high-quality leads.
  • Additional Marketing/Advertising Features
    • Lead generation websites should provide advertising options that allow agents to funnel qualified, targeted traffic to their profile or website. We chose platforms that provide options to run ads and target your marketing.
  • Pricing
    • Some lead generation websites evaluated offered free trials along with subscription plans. We considered its cost-effectiveness, setup fee, contract length, and the pricing per lead.
  • Ease of Use
    • Users should be able to understand the functionality of the lead generation website (with some or little technical support) and be able to manage and use it on mobile as well as desktop devices. In addition, we included customer reviews because it’s important to see how users fare on these platforms.
  • Customer Rating
    • Based on customer feedback for each platform, with particular attention given to actual user reviews of the product and the popularity of each real estate lead generation company.
  • Expert Score
    • We specifically evaluated each platform’s unique or stand-out features, their popularity, and the overall value for the cost.
  • Help and Support
    • Agents can run into challenges when connecting with leads and making transactions. That’s why each platform on our list needs to provide at least one customer service channel (phone, email, or live chat).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Propertybase Salesforce Edition is a comprehensive CRM solution designed specifically for real estate businesses. It is built on the Salesforce platform, leveraging its robust features to cater to the unique needs of the real estate industry. Propertybase Salesforce Edition provides tools for managing relationships, communications, and follow-ups through various stages of real estate transactions. It features customizable dashboards, automated workflows, international support, advanced reporting, and a native mobile app.

Realtors use a variety of software tools designed to streamline operations, enhance client relationships, and manage listings and transactions. Besides Propertybase, other popular software solutions in the real estate industry include:

  • CRM software: Tools like Zillow Premier Agent CRM, and Top Producer CRM are widely used for managing client interactions, tracking leads, and following up with potential buyers and sellers.
  • Listing management: Software like MLS systems are crucial for managing and syndicating property listings.
  • Marketing tools: Platforms like Canva for creating marketing materials and Mailchimp for email marketing campaigns are commonly employed to engage clients and promote listings.
  • Transaction management: Solutions like DocuSign for electronic signatures and Dotloop for managing real estate transactions are essential for closing deals efficiently.

These tools are integral to the daily operations of realtors, helping them to manage multiple aspects of their business, from lead generation to closing sales​.

Yes, realtors greatly benefit from using a CRM system, as it enhances client relationship management by maintaining detailed records and interactions, streamlines various administrative tasks for better time management, and improves lead tracking and follow-up strategies.

CRMs also support marketing automation, allowing realtors to efficiently reach a wider audience and provide analytics for better performance tracking and business decisions. Moreover, they centralize communication, ensuring team collaboration and consistent client service.

Bottom Line

Propertybase is a full-service real estate platform offering CRM software, web design, marketing, lead generation, and back-office tools. Its CRM packages include administrative tools to improve agent productivity and clerical tools to streamline team collaboration. Propertybase reviews show that users like its lead generation and ability to manage everything in one place. Our experts liked the website builder to create beautiful custom-branded websites and add-on packages for marketing and platform administration.

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