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Microsoft Says Its New AI Bing Search Engine Will Serve Google Tough Competition But Sundar Pichai Disagrees

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The CEO of software giant Microsoft thinks they’ve got Google sweating bullets after the unveiling of the latest AI-powered Bing search engine.

But those comments don’t seem to tickle Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s fancy who says the company could be least bothered and prefers to work at its own pace instead of dancing to other’s music. The latest on the front was published by the media outlet Bloomberg.

For now, Microsoft is yet to respond to the comments but as revealed by Bing at the start of this year, they are expecting a lot from their AI-powered search engine.

Nadella made it clear how his company had waited close to two decades to compete with the likes of Google and for that reason, they need to celebrate their gains as it was a long time coming.

It’s no surprise that the AI race featuring big tech giants is clearly not an easy one.

And despite the massive amount of investments made by the software giant which has even linked with the makers of ChatGPT, they’re still aching for that rewarding success.

But Google is more flat-footed. We saw ChatGPT roll out in the year 2022 and during that time, the firm launched a code red signal regarding workers serving as potential threats to its search enterprise. The firm was seen making serious changes including refocusing its AI plan right after competition took center stage.

Right after that, we saw the search engine giant roll out its own AI tool Gemini that it says is the future of search. And that would serve as competition for arch-rival Bard from Microsoft.

After that, the firm mentioned major upgrades and Google nearly got serious backlash for false depictions of figures from the past that were rolled out by its picture generator.

From what we can see right now, the company is making headwaves and really hopes to catch up. They are trying to capitalize on the likes of a massive user base while marking AI products across the board.

We even saw the firm explain how it would be designing AI chips and ramping up its ability to roll out upgrades to the cloud and new releases for the cloud as well.

Serious restructuring is arising at the moment and the team is reducing staff to make way for some top priorities, mostly linked to AI. Meanwhile, the year 2023 gave rise to Google cutting out its workforce by nearly 6% amid a massive layoff that came in waves and continues to arise this year as well.

Speaking more on this topic to Bloomberg, the Google CEO added how it’s at the start of building up competition and it hopes to ensure it gets ahead of the AI race with time. They are clear in terms of their goals and what needs to be done next.

But no matter how much Microsoft boasts, it’s still well behind Google. Its dominating position in the world of search reigns the organization as supreme and true leaders in this domain and no rival dance comes near Google’s top-notch position.

Microsoft stands at 3% market while Google owns 97% of the overall market. So year, it’s a major edge and the company has been strong since day one.

Let’s not forget how the search engine giant has several major advantages in terms of its other offerings like Android and even Chrome. So Nadella can boast and brag as much as he wants but there is a lot at stake and Google is certainly in the driving seat in this regard.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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