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Is OpenAI Secretly Developing Its Own Search Engine?

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ChatGPT maker OpenAI is making big moves in the world of tech and the most recent one is linked to talks about the tests of its own search engine.

Two hints were provided that tech experts were quick to pick up on. One included the famous webpage displaying log files across several servers. Meanwhile, another hint included business rumors about OpenAI rolling out the search engine by early next week.

A screenshot was even shared on this front by a social media and tech expert named Ashutosh Shrivastava who displayed images of how the firm’s SSL certificate logins put the domain for the search engine at the forefront.

Thanks @apples_jimmy for logs.

— AshutoshShrivastava (@ai_for_success) April 28, 2024

This is the biggest hint as to how it means that the AI tech is working on making it into a search functionality. This led to other magazines and tech media giants talking about the firm on the lookout for event hosting on a monthly basis and that could mean May 9 of this year during the early morning hours. Now that’s quite specific to be a rumor right?

For a while now, the company has been observed rolling out ads for house events and staff to handle it all. There is also plenty of marking being planned since the year’s start but no one really could keep a tabs on what it was for.

But now, if you join all the pieces of the puzzle together, it’s a massive hint at how something big could soon be coming this summer and we mean next month. The company is also said to be in the world of its latest model release and no name ideas are being floated around right now.

Whatever the end product is during this launch, we know one thing. It will not be similar to what is witnessed across Google Search but when we do see it, we’ll be witnessing greater alternatives to Search, and not only Bing. This would include Perplexity AI as well.

H/T: Jimmy Apples

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