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Is OpenAI Really Launching Its Own Search Engine? CEO Sam Altman Says No

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Despite all the rumors regarding an exciting rollout of a search engine by ChatGPT makers OpenAI, the reality is that there’s no such thing happening.

The news comes to us thanks to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman who just put all rumors to rest but did promise the world that his company was working hard to roll out something exciting and innovative.

But is that product related to search? The answer was no so don’t expect the tech giant to be giving arch-rival Google a run for its money in that domain, just yet.

Seeing Sam Altman shoot down all such rumors was really a surprise for critics who have been claiming that a launch was timely planned to coincide with Google’s big I/O event.

Altman added there’s no search engine or GPT-5 coming soon but what will come is something that we must all wait for, adding how it would be worth it.

The brains behind ChatGPT were said to even incorporate plans to add Bing Search from Microsoft to help give users the best in the world of search but again, Altman downplayed all such facts.

On Monday, there’s a launch happening but it’s not what we may have expected and that has us more curious than ever as to what could it possibly be? Remember, the tech giant just achieved a massive milestone of 80M daily active users on ChatGPT. The audiences loved what was on display and were curious about what the latest product update might be.

Seeing the very public denial from Altman is probably a major sigh of relief for Microsoft because to have Bing crammed into a ChatGPT search engine to serve a competitor for Google was a little wishy-washy, to begin with.

Whatever it is, we’re going to have to wait with the rest of the world until Monday. And until then, don’t get confused by everything you hear because who better to cite as authentic than OpenAI’s head, right?

We are going to put our trust in Altman, even if that comes before Google’s I/O but if that was really the case, what beauty would it be to see a product debut that serves the Android maker some tough competition.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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