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Is Google Search Getting Worse? CEO Sundar Pichai Responds To Allegations Targeting The Company

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Critics are having their say about Google Search and how the quality seems to be worsening with time. But who better to question the company in this regard than by talking to the CEO himself, right?

Sundar Pichai was recently interviewed by a top journalist from Bloomberg, right before the company’s participation at this year’s trending I/O event. While a lot of topics were discussed, it was interesting to see what he had to say about his company’s standard related to core search.

But don’t get your hopes up because not a lot was said on this front but nevertheless, responses were generated that are worth a mention.

Journalist Emily Chang did not shy away in regards to bringing forward the accusations that top tech experts made about Google’s Search quality diminishing with the passing days. This was related to greater amounts of SEO spam too and Pichai was questioned if he saw eye to eye on the matter.

The response was brief but to the point. Pichai mentioned how the transition of anything brings about the content of a new kind. And in this case, AI is to blame for the major change. Therefore, he admitted that the company is seeing this period as a challenge and many would be struggling to accept it as it comes.

Furthermore, he added how this is what differentiates high-quality products from others and it’s the key element that differentiates top quality from mediocre products. While this may have seemed like a great reply, it was just 25 seconds long and some felt more needed to be said.

Other key points of the interview that are under criticism include the CEO doubling down on matters like ads not causing challenges for Google’s SGE with reassurance to the stock market to lay down their concerns on this front.

Similarly, he felt that the latest variant of Google Search dubbed SGE would serve links to publishers and that would be an integral strategy that comes into play. But the main heart of the conversation was undoubtedly AI and how Google sees that to be its future.

More related to this front was published through a forum discussion that can be found on X but seeing little said about Google Search getting worse as per the stats from a German Study were blatantly denied.

Image: Bloomberg Originals / YT

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