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Google Unveils Useful AI-Powered Experiences For All Android Devices

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Google’s yearly I/O conference brought up some exciting news for Android users including the company’s unveiling of a host of AI-powered features.

Google says the idea is designed to make users reimagine how they’re interacting with their smartphones. So you can make the most of a new Updated Circle to Search that helps in homework while the company’s AI chat assistant Gemini would be designed to better comprehend context thrown in its direction.

The Circle to Search has been launched across all Galaxy S24 smartphones already and the fact that it can be used to help with kids’ homework is useful indeed. This gives rise to a new step-by-step instruction guide regarding solving issues linked to math and physics.

More updates on this front mean it would be possible to work with difficult tasks using the likes of graphics and formulas, amongst others.

New updates on Gemini would give rise to the latest assistant dragging content to other platforms and even asking queries regarding things showing up on screens. The Android maker added how such capabilities would be launched to the masses in the upcoming few months. So the target is to hit hundreds of millions of devices very soon.

As far as the AI-powered assistant Gemini is concerned, the current model on devices is Nano but it would soon be switched to multimodal. So that in turn means saying hello to processing text and even sounds, not to mention language, pictures, and beyond. You can find these offerings up for grabs across Pixel users to benefit from during the latter part of 2024.

Additionally, Gemini Nano is said to be equipped with a new TalkBack endeavor that assists users with no vision to get a clearer understanding of what’s happening in their surroundings. Since the language model is run across the device, the results pop up at a faster pace without any active internet connections.

Last but not least, this Gemini Nano is designed to assist in providing more security and privacy to users. Thanks to its ability to generate alerts in real-time for phone calls, the company mentioned how models are great for detecting scams and malicious attempts while ensuring user chats remain private and solely under their ownership.

We’re already excited to see AI take over Google Search and now Android devices getting similar benefits seems to be an exciting treat!

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