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Google Launches Handy New Custom Filters For Tailored Search Results

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Search engine giant Google has just rolled out another useful feature that can do wonders for customizing the user’s search results.

The A/B testing phase has begun so that means you’re bound to see it pop up soon on your search website online by the name of Custom Filters.

Depending on what the user’s needs might be, you can expect to see your search getting more refined and tailored to better suit your preferences online. For instance, the tool would include a host of certain keywords or filters that make use of particular websites to assist in finding things that you’re more in search of online.

In the same way, you’ll see filters making use of certain destinations like specific domains to assist in giving you a result that can better cater to your demands at that moment in time. But wait, there’s more.

The tool will enable users to be set up across certain kinds of files that are external to the webpage domain such as PDF, presentations, docs, eBooks, and even spreadsheets. To take your search up a notch, you can look for certain sources from which you’d like to have data extracted.

This includes edu websites, org, gov, and so many more. You can even filter those with the help of customized tags like names, times, and beyond. Clearly, there is no limit set up here, that’s for sure.

After qualifiers are rolled out for filters, they could be saved with customized tags and used in the future for various kinds of search results.

The company says it has rolled out several examples on this front to better depict what the launch would appear like on your page. This includes tabs for Discussions where all results gathered from Reddit and Quora are put on display.

Similarly, PDF Only gives rise to PDF files of course. Then, your Past One Week tab would entail results from the last seven days. Family Friendly on the other hand would give rise to results from a small list of websites that continue to get approved and then Coding would display results from several places like StackOverflow.

The company would also give you the chance to make edits and then save those changes as templates too. Anything you produce or make changes which will automatically be saved through your user account found on Google. This goes for both mobile phones and desktops as well.

We’ve already seen Search roll out different means in the past to better customize search results entailing Advanced Search and search filters working more generally on the page. In the same way, different operators like sites and others were soon included too. However, the latest tool is very simple in terms of comprehension and great at repeating when using search.

For now, the official launch is yet to begin as Google failed to announce it across its page. Hence, don’t worry if you don’t see it popping up at this moment in time but we promise it’s on the way after testing ends.

H/T: 9to5google

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