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Not Everyone is Geeking Out Over Apple's Vision Pro Headset

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Apple’s shiny new $3,500 Vision Pro headset was supposed to be the next big thing in tech. But it seems not all early buyers are totally sold on the pricey face gadget. A poll on Reddit revealed that over 12% of Vision Pro owners are already shelving theirs – and some wish they had returned it while they still could.

The poll was posted by a Reddit user who goes by NBA2024. They wanted to see how often people were actually using their Vision Pros after the initial hype wore off. Like many, they found themselves not firing it up as much as expected, feeling it was a waste given the steep cost.

Their poll asked about the frequency of Vision Pro usage. After a couple days, around 1,000 Reddit users had weighed in. The results showed a pretty split crowd:

Over a third (36.5%) said they use it daily. Not bad! Another chunk (19.5%) said they use it frequently throughout the week. But then 19% only used it once a week, and 15% said once every two weeks or even less often.

So while the Vision Pro has its dedicated daily users, a good portion are struggling to make it a regular part of their routine. The comments shed some light on why.

For starters, it’s just plain hard to adapt to wearing a headset for normal activities like eating or multitasking. The adjustment period is no joke. Then there’s the feeling among some that Apple overhyped what this first generation can actually do. A few called it “gimmicky” and more for hard-core VR fans than casual users.

Specific pain points included little things we take for granted, like being able to answer a phone call hands-free. Sure, updates will keep coming. But some early buyers feel misled about the current experience.

Not everyone is giving up so easily though. Loyal Apple fans still see the Vision Pro’s massive potential as an all-in-one portable cinema and computer. As one user put it: “It’s a $4000 machine – of course I’ll use it daily!”

Only time will tell if mainstream consumers eventually get on board. For now, Apple has some work to do winning over the skeptics and making the Vision Pro an absolute must-have.

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