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Mercedes-Benz and BYD Join Forces, Develop a New DENZA Central for BYD's Global Expansion

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Mercedes-Benz and BYD, China’s leading new energy vehicle maker, recently tested their newest co-branded DENZA on the streets of Stuttgart. During the road test, the latest luxury model garnered much attention from passers-by.

Even camouflaged in pre-launch stickers, the new car’s body gives away its slick design and innovative form. The clean, streamlined, low-wind resistance design embodies the philosophy of Wolfgang Egger, the designer behind the new DENZA, formerly the lead for Audi’s brand, culminating in electric elegance that is sporty yet luxurious. “The design is simultaneously spirited and deluxe,” said Egger, designer of the vehicle.

The newly developed DENZA is a brand-new deluxe vehicle. Equipped with BYD’s unveiled new energy technology, it will be the pioneer in building Chinese new energy luxury sedans into world-class vehicles, and is expected to go on sale by the end of this year.

Since 2023, DENZA’s cars have debuted at large auto shows in Thailand, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Switzerland, and other countries. The new model will play a core role in DENZA’s and BYD’s global market sales.
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