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Here's How You Can Find Your WhatsApp Backups on Google Drive

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Keeping a back up of your WhatsApp chats is extremely important because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up keeping your conversations and media safe. Setting up a data sync with Google Drive can make it easier to preserve these messages than might have been the case otherwise, since you can restore the chat history in the event of an accidental deletion or smartphone change.

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There are a few things that can impact your back up, however. For example, if the internet cuts out during the syncing process or if your manual settings aren’t optimized, this can lead to your back up getting interrupted. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you might want to take a look at your back up just to make sure that all of your precious data is safe and sound. The main question you should be asking here is where your back up might be stored.

The way that you can utilize Google Drive for the storing of your back ups is by tapping the “Back up” button, that can be accessed on this URL,

The step by step method to locate your WhatsApp backup in Google Drive using a PC browser will be like this:

2. Navigate to the left sidebar and click on “Storage.”

3. Choose “Backups.” Your WhatsApp backup (if done) and its last update time will be displayed.

To find your WhatsApp backup in Google Drive using a mobile device:

1. Open Google Drive app on your mobile.

2. Tap on the three-bar menu or “Hamburger” button.

3. Select “Backups.” Your WhatsApp backup and its last update time will be visible.

Coming back to WhatsApp, you could toggle the automated back up frequency to sync data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It bears mentioning that each time your chats are backed up, the previous back up is erased and there’s no way to keep more than one back up file at any given point in time.

If you want to create multiple back ups, the key to doing this is to add another Google Drive account and switch between them each time you back up. Just remember that each piece of back up data will eat away at your total capacity, since WhatsApp back ups count towards your overall data space availability as of December 2023.

Now, as for where this data can be located, it depends somewhat on the device you are using. If you are using Google Drive on your PC, you can find the back up in the storage menu. However, you can’t simply click on this data and read it since the format won’t allow that. All you can do is delete the back up or turn the automatic back ups off. The mobile app allows you to access this data through the Chat back up menu.

On PC, double click on backup to see what options are available. You can click on delete to permanently erase it, or you can turn it off if you so choose. You can also disconnect WhatsApp from Google Drive by clicking on Manage Apps followed by Options and then Disconnect.

As for the app, you can tap the menu icon and select backups as well. This will show you the date and time of the last update. Tap the three dot icon to reveal options similar to the ones we described above.

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