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You know Facebook Messenger is now among the three non Google apps who reached the 5 billion+ download club on Play Store

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You know Facebook Messenger is now among the three non Google apps who reached the 5 billion+ download club on Play Store

There is a reason why Facebook is also referred as the social media giant, and recently Facebook Messenger just showed everyone why is that so as it became the third app owned by Facebook to join the five billion+ download club.

With the rise in popularity for Android, a large number of applications successfully managed to cross the one billion install barrier on the Play Store. When it comes to crossing the 5 billion installs barrier, only a select number of applications managed to do so. A total of just 13 applications out of around 3 million apps available on Play Store, made it to the five billion plus club. And among these 13 applications, two of them were non Google apps. And now, the count has bumped up to three apps because now Facebook Messenger has also joined the club by achieving the milestone this week.

After this occasion, 14 apps have been marked to hit and cross the Play Store’s 5 billion mark. And after this, FB Messenger has joined YouTube, Google Maps and G-mail. The social media giant Facebook also managed to continue its streak as of now the only platform other than Google to achieve this number of installs is Facebook. After Facebook crossed the 5 billion check point in 2019 followed by encrypted messaging app WhatsApp in early 2020, now Facebook Messenger is the third application to reach this tier on behalf of the same company.

Facebook has went through a lot of controversies, and is still going through some. And despite all of this, this recent achievement is a proof to show that how much Facebook is trusted by people for communicating with others. Facebook has done a lot to boost up its chatting empire by building a cross platform backend to allow all the three of its messaging applications to work together. There is still a lot of work left to be done more specifically on the privacy front. Just like WhatsApp, Messenger may also implement end to end encrypted service on its platform but it will take some time to happen. Even if the users get more concerned about their privacy, this recent achievement of Messenger is a reminder that other applications like Telegram and Signal still have a long way ahead to reach somewhere Messenger is at this moment.

H/T: AndroidPolice.

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