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Did you know A warning for Android users to stay away from these shady apps available on Google Play Store

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Did you know A warning for Android users to stay away from these shady apps available on Google Play Store

Many hackers are trying to use different techniques to get access to the data of users as these cases have been increased a lot, especially during the pandemic situation. A few weeks ago, there was a kid gaming app on the App Store which should serve a simple fund purpose but instead it was hiding a casino category inside it, which is obviously a scam and the developer was so clever that he made such an app on Apple’s App Store to gain the trust of users. Similarly, these hackers are making these apps available on Google Play Store to get the trust of users who are game lovers and want to download different types of games when they are getting bored at home.

Those people who are Android users and game lover need to understand an important thing about Google Play Store that the official market for Android apps have been downpour with apps claiming to be an emulator for the play station 3 and play station 4. However, if you think that by downloading these games, you might have a great experience of gaming, you might be wrong, and this could be the worst news for you. One of the apps is available as "PlayStation 3 simulator" and if you are looking for an emulator you might think that this is the app you want to install however it's just a bogus app, this is reported by Android Authority first, that even though there is a influx of PS3 and PS4 emulators in the Play Store, none of these are genuine, in fact, most of them are misleading app, however, there is one genuine PS3 available but that is only for Windows and Linux and these are not even available for Android devices yet. Some of the listed apps try to deceive people by changing the title so that people think that this is a genuine app, and they download it.

There is a disclaimer at the bottom of some apps which states that these are not genuinely emulator, and these are just which you can use to deceive your friends, therefore the app is essentially futile. However, these apps do not present a security threat, there is a possibility that hackers could take advantage of the demand for PS3 and PS4 emulators on Android to release a bogus app loaded with malware. These kinds of the situation have occurred before when Fortnite was releasing for Android, so there were a lot of malicious apps making the rounds that were a security risk. 

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