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Did you know Android Auto is now running on more than 100 million vehicles, and with the upcoming Android version your mobile will be enough to start your car

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Did you know Android Auto is now running on more than 100 million vehicles, and with the upcoming Android version your mobile will be enough to start your car

Google has said that there are more than 100 million compatible Android Auto cars running on roads, and it has updated the support and provided the best features like instrument cluster integration. This will make your phone feel more fundamental to the experience of driving. In the next version of Android, you will no longer need to have the car’s keys in your pocket because your phone will be enough to start your car. But you can only start your car if you have the right combination of mobile device and car.

The famous manufacturer of cars backing Android Auto currently, with the Porsche being the new collaborator this summer on the 20221 Porsche 911. The company also states that many of the latest vehicles will include Android Auto wireless, with GM, Ford, and Honda advertised as backing the wire-free approach that removes wires. Google publicizes the coming integration having the instrument cluster. This feature was shown today on the BMW iX to bring the maps of Google to the screen ahead of drivers so that they can drive the car with more concentration. This cluster will get more features in the near future like EV charging and parking apps.

Right now, if you connect your mobile with the compatible car that just gives you the experience of Android Auto. In the next version of Android, the (Android 12), Google has announced that it will be collaborating with the car makers like BMW to make your phone capable of starting and unlocking your car through the feature of virtual car key.

 You will also be able to share your virtual car keys with your members of the family and friends, however, they must have compatible devices too. Google is launching this feature in Google Pixels and Samsung devices this fall. Apple Company also launched a similar feature prior year but that is still restricted to BMW cars.

Having the support of virtual car keys will diverge to mobile and vehicle, but some patterns will use ultra-wideband technology to verify so you do not have to bring your phone out of the pocket. For those people that do not have wireless Android Auto cars, they will be able to use NFC to verify the phone as a key. The Android Auto setup procedure will get easier with the improvements of fast pairing with specific cars but only BMW and Ford are testing to support the fast-pairing feature.

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